Can I work directly with the builder?

The answer is “yes.” Our team consists of our real estate professionals, Choice Escrow, our building superintendent and employees, and finally, our independent sub-contractors and vendors. Each team member plays an important role in the building and sales process and we rely on everyone collectively to ensure an on-time completion date and successful closing.
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Can the builder take my home in on trade?

This frequently asked question has become increasingly difficult to answer with a simple “yes” or “no”. New lending guidelines and adverse market conditions have made it almost impossible to trade homes with a builder or seller.Here are a few of the guidelines set forth by a combination of government agencies, residential and commercial lending regulations and Cowherd Construction company policy:

The buyer’s home must be a minimum of $70,000 less in value than the home purchased (called an exchange spread). For example: if the buyer purchases a home for $170,000, their home may not exceed $100,000 in value.
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