Steps to Building Your New Home

Watching a brand new home take shape is an exciting time for any homeowner. From the first meeting with the our team, to watching the finishing touches take place, it’s definitely something you’ll never forget.

At Cowherd Construction, we take pride in the way we build our homes, and we want to share our enthusiasm and expertise with you. We’ll help you understand every piece that goes into your home – so you can know it inside and out. Our construction process consists of:

1. A Pre-Construction Meeting – Before your home is built, we set up a meeting with to go over your personalized selections, review the plan on your lot of choice, discuss the build time, and make sure everything is in order by reviewing our checklist and signing off for construction to begin.

2. Sales Contract – Our sales team will write and finalize the details of the real estate contract. If you choose to employ a Buyer’s Agent to represent you, they will write and present the contract on your behalf. Once the contract is signed by all parties, the building permit is submitted and approved. Lot preparation and construction will begin.

3. Foundation & Framing – Foundation walls are poured and framing begins. Once framed, we’ll install roof shingles, exterior doors and windows.

4. Rough Mechanicals – Once your home is framed, all the rough mechanicals like the HVAC heating and cooling ducts will be installed. Then, the plumbing lines are put in and the wiring for electrical outlets, smoke detectors, and telephone and cable lines are added. This phase covers anything in the walls or floors that are covered later by drywall. The Construction Superintendent will then conduct an open wall walk-thru to ensure the customer selections are in place.

5. Insulation and Drywall – After the inspection of your home’s rough mechanicals, your insulation will be added followed by drywall installation.

6. Final Details – Your home will then be fitted with trim and exterior finishes followed by the shaping of your yard and the finishing of your mechanicals, which includes your new toilets, sinks and faucets, cabinets and countertops, floor registers, light switches and fixtures, and outlet plugs.

7. Pre-Closing Walkthru – Once your home has received a Certificate of Occupancy and the final details are in place, our Construction Superintendent will educate you about every aspect of your home with a one to two-hour walk-thru. During this orientation, we’ll teach you about the operation of your home. At this time, a final punchlist will be addressed and you can sign off on your new home!

8. Closing – Congratulations! You’re now a proud owner of a brand new Cowherd Construction home! Once you get the keys, you can open the door to your new lifestyle.